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I have been dying to take pictures by this beautiful green wall and when Michelle said she wanted some new images for her acupuncture business I knew it was a match.  The wall is a perfect compliment to her red hair and green eyes!

The left image is the raw photo I shot, while not so bad there were definitely many ways to take it from average to wow.  First off I evened out Michelle’s complexion, lightened up those under eye circles, and edited out her distracting bra strap.  Boom ba-da bing!

Michelle came to me claiming she wasn’t photogenic and that she dreaded having her picture taken.  I beg to differ!  The shoot was a breeze.  I got great images and Michelle was telling me how much she had fun on the way to the car.  I always love to convert those photo haters!

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Ever curious about how an image goes from A to B?  Well here is a sneak peak into my workflow. When I shoot my goal is always to get take a perfect shot: the right lighting, a great background, beautiful expressions, and an excellent composition.  But that doesn’t always happen.  Especially when you shooting a location, such as a wedding, and trying to capture all those candid moments.  So… excellent editing skills are a necessity!

  • The first image is an un-altered shot that is a little under exposed in areas.
  • In the second shot, the lighting has been corrected and a couple blemishes have been removed.  Also there were heavy under-eye circles on this adorable little lady and I removed them to make her look her absolute best.
  • The third image is the final image that would be delivered to the customer.  The skin has been smoothed to help give her an even more youthful glow.  This image was transformed to a black and white image and then digitally hand colored.  Last but not least a vignette was added to help draw the eye and give it vintage aesthetic.  Adorable.

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It’s all about the details…
My favorite aspect of wedding photography is capturing all the little details.  Close up shots of the flowers, the rings, the invitations, creative and unique shots of the dresses, the decor, and last but not least the cake!
Email me to set up a photography consultation and together we’ll create a vision of how your wedding will be remembered!

Um totally awesome if you need a good laugh!

{reasons i ♥ photography}

#1. I am a visual person

#2. I ♥ capturing a moment in time, or an expression, that might otherwise be forgotten

#3. I am creative and photography is an excellent vise

#4. I ♥ meeting new people and being apart of the intimate moments in their lives (engagement, wedding, first baby, etc.)

#5. I ♥ Photoshop~ you are only limited by your imagination

#6. I see beauty in all things, cheesy I know but its true!

#7. I ♥ photo albums and taking a trip down memory lane

#8. I am the master of my own universe!

Experimenting with color downtown Denver with Sofia!  Had a blast, Sofia was so fun to work with and I love her glam style!

Inspiration: that darn yellow wall!  It has been in the back of my mind now for month, truly glad I got down there and took advantage of its vibrant sunny hues.

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And another!
I love black and white photography, it is just so classic!  This image is of my own wedding ring, an old key, and ribbon but so timeless and beautiful.  Hope you enjoy!