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I have been dying to take pictures by this beautiful green wall and when Michelle said she wanted some new images for her acupuncture business I knew it was a match.  The wall is a perfect compliment to her red hair and green eyes!

The left image is the raw photo I shot, while not so bad there were definitely many ways to take it from average to wow.  First off I evened out Michelle’s complexion, lightened up those under eye circles, and edited out her distracting bra strap.  Boom ba-da bing!

Michelle came to me claiming she wasn’t photogenic and that she dreaded having her picture taken.  I beg to differ!  The shoot was a breeze.  I got great images and Michelle was telling me how much she had fun on the way to the car.  I always love to convert those photo haters!

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  • 29 July 2011
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